Versant Access

Cloud-based software by Versant Physics

General Tools

Scheduling Calendar
& Alerts

Site Tools
& User Management

Notifications & News

Virtual Training Platform

Create Virtual Courses
& Inservices

Track Course

Assign Courses
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Specific Personnel

Quiz Builder

Access is divided into three primary modules:


  • Designed for clinical administrators or other clinicians
  • Accreditation software to help guide your clinic’s quality assurance programs, policy making & overall document management
  • TG-100 tools to implement the processes contained within TG-100 in your clinic
  • Also contains software for MIRD Calculations, DVH Planning, QA & more


  • Comprehensive suite for radiation safety program management
  • Contains a cloud-based document library, audit tools, automated report generation, badge management, staff training, inventory tracking & more


  • Class portal designed to be simple & effective
  • Purchasable courses that provide continued education credit
  • Courses give CAMPEP, AAHP & Physician CME Credits
  • Give virtual inservices, track attendance & meet regulatory requirements

Connect to Versant Access anywhere!

Cloud-based database

Sync audits across computers

Badge management

Unified controls & reporting


Data trending & statistics

Accessible anywhere you have internet and on most mobile devices, our software will strengthen your ability to focus on what’s important, rather than inefficient intermediate tasks. It was created to fill a gap in available and affordable software. Access is necessary because it provides you with the tools you need to streamline and increase the efficiency and quality of a clinic, or any site utilizing radiation.

Often, many clinical tasks are overlooked for a software solution due to a small or non-existent software budget. Versant Access is extremely valuable for new clinics without any processes, policies or procedures in place that need assistance in creating them.

“Technology is the driving force behind improvements, not only in efficiency, but also quality in many industries. As part of our commitment to improving the efficiency of work and quality of care that our clients provide, software is paramount.”

With a simple monthly cost, updates are automatic and guaranteed. Additionally, users are entitled to unlimited free support via email or phone.

Versant Medical Physics and Radiation Safety
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