Virtual Fluoroscopy Course

Available in 2, 4, and 10-hour options.


Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses x-rays to obtain real-time images used to guide procedures in the medical setting. Training for this technique is important for operators and a requirement in several states. Our courses are designed to met these requirements. These courses were designed by board certified Imaging Physicists. Additionally, physicists are available to answer questions that you may have while taking this on-line training. Topics for these presentations include the optimization of techniques for better images while lowering dose, patient and staff protection, dose quantities, biological effects and safety culture. Course quizzes may only be taken once per 24-hour period. Eligible users can earn up to 10 MPCEC upon completion of the course.

Course Requirements

1. Complete all of the chapter lectures associated with each module.

2. Complete the chapter quiz at the end of each chapter. 80% or higher on each chapter quiz must be achieved for successful completion.

3. Complete the course evaluation at the end of the last module.

Please note: you must successfully complete each module before the subsequent module is available to you.

Available Courses

2 hr


4 hr


10 hr


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