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KALAMAZOO, MI. (July 2016) – Dade Moeller Health Group (DMHG) – a comprehensive medical physics support group – announces today that it is changing its name to Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety (Versant Physics). Effective immediately, the name change reflects the company’s departure from Dade Moeller & Associates, Inc. where it previously operated as a subsidiary.

“The name Versant comes from our ability to speak, educate, and consult on an array of topics,” says Marcie Ramsay, Managing Director of Versant Physics. “With many years of experience among our skill-diverse staff, our ability to speak on wide ranging topics within the medical physics and radiation safety industries is what allows us to excel.”

Versant Physics provides medical physics consulting including clinical radiation therapy, commissioning, regulatory, and educational services. Soon it will offer specialized software for accreditation, online continuing education and training, as well as radiation safety for medical physicists and radiation oncology physicians.

“Technology is the driving force behind improvements, no only in efficiency, but also quality in many industries. As part of our commitment to improving the efficiency of work and quality of care that our clients provide, software is paramount,” says Ben Ramsay, Director of Operations & Technology Applications at Versant Physics.

“This is why we are developing software that will help not only improve how cost-effective our clients can be, but also improve their ability to focus on what’s important, rather than inefficient intermediate tasks.”

Dade Moeller Health Group (now Versant Physics) separated from Dade Moeller & Associates in a management buyout, leading to the creation of Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety. DMHG was originally founded in 2013 under the leadership of Bill Kennedy to meet the needs of medical clients through radiation protection, medical physics, and regulatory services. Physics Services Integrated – a full-service medical physics group located in Buffalo, New York – later joined DMHG to expand their service lines. Brent Murphy joined and lead DMHG as President from January 2014 until September 2015.

About Versant Physics
Headquartered in Kalamazoo, MI, Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety provides exceptional quality consulting services to health care providers. A certified woman-owned small business at the forefront of the medical physics industry, Versant Physics’ mission is to produce highly accurate, efficient results to ultimately improve the quality of its clients’ and their patients’ lives.

The Company offers a comprehensive line of services that includes Therapy Physics, Commissioning, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Safety Training, Internal Dose, Diagnostic QA, Regulatory Support, as well as Remote and Onsite Dosimetry. Versant Physics’ proprietary in-house commissioning software provides clients with accelerated, on-time commissioning. Offering remote treatment planning services gives secure, individualized attention with start-to-finish planning and contouring support. Versant Physics’ effective hybrid solutions offset the high cost of locum services.

In 2016, the Company plans to roll out specialized software for accreditation, online continuing education, and training for medical physicists, healthcare providers, and other radiation professionals engaged in medical radiation safety. For more information about Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety, please visit

Media Contact:
Bethany Ramsay, Marketing & PR Coordinator
(P) (269) 389-0723


Versant Medical Physics and Radiation Safety