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Now through 8/31/18. For a limited time, take advantage of special pricing on our MRSO class, and Versant will donate $100 to the American Cancer Society.

Receive 22 Continuing Education Credits online with our Virtual MRSO course. Versant will donate $100 with every purchase of our online Medical Radiation Safety Officer class to the American Cancer Society between now and August 31, 2018! Increase your compliance knowledge and learn the day-to-day requirements of a Medical RSO.

  • Save $655 (Virtual MRSO normally $1,750)
  • $100 American Cancer Society donation with purchase
  • 22 CE credits granted by AAHP
  • 22 CE credits granted by CAMPEP
  • Board-certified instructor access throughout course with “Ask Instructor” button
  • Complete course anytime, anywhere
  • Save on time and travel expenses


Medical Radiation Safety Officer (MRSO) Training

This course is designed for those managing a radiation safety program or working with radioactive material and/or radiation-producing machines in a medical environment. The course content can be viewed an unlimited number of times at any time of day. From the date of registration, the student has six months to complete the course. Course quizzes may only be taken once per 24-hour period.

This course will assist you with staying current with the radiation safety aspects of the many new techniques related to using ionizing radiation in the continually evolving medical field. It will help you gain a practical understanding of regulations governing the safe use of radiation-emitting machines and radioactive materials, as well as responsibilities for managing radiation safety in a hospital. In addition, you will learn you how to implement a successful, compliant radiation safety program that will withstand rigorous inspection. 

Sandy Konerth, MS, DABR, DABMP
Alan Fellman, PhD, CHP

$100 from every purchase benefitting:

Continued Education Credits
Upon successful completion of this course, 22 CEC credits will be awarded by the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP). Please note: Versant Physics was formerly Dade Moeller Health Group (DMHG). For more information on our name change, click here.

About the American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. For more information, please visit today.

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