DMHG is now Versant Physics!

Medical and hospital corridor defocused background with modern laboratory (clinic)

“The name Versant comes from our ability to speak, educate and consult on an array of topics,” says Marcie Ramsay, Managing Director of Versant. “With many years of experience among our skill-diverse staff, our ability to speak on wide ranging topics within the medical physics and radiation safety industries is what allows us to excel.”

Versant Medical Physics and Radiation Safety (Versant Physics), formerly known as Dade Moeller Health Group, is a health service support company providing professional and technical specialists in all sub-specialties of medical physics. Specialty areas of emphasis include radiation safety, radiation program design and management, equipment commissioning, accreditation, and clinical coverage; we offer expert consultation and training in these areas.  In addition to our consulting services, Versant Physics offers a software suite which offers modules to assist centers with accreditation, radiation safety duties, training, badge management and regulatory compliance.







Introducing Versant Physics’ New Residency Program

We are currently accepting applications for our new Versant Medical Physics Residency program. Versant intends to begin the process of CAMPEP accreditation in early 2017 to ensure our residents will graduate from an accredited program. View our job posting here.