Versant’s Residency Program Receives CAMPEP-Accreditation

KALAMAZOO, MI. (March, 20 2018) – Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety is excited to share that our Residency Program is now CAMPEP-Accredited.

“This is a testament to our quality,” says Sandy Konerth, Director of Regulatory & Training Services at Versant Physics.

Under the guidance of Lee Myers, Program Director, Versant’s residency program will be working with affiliated clinical facilities: Anne Arundel Medical Center and Hahne Regional Cancer Center. Our intensive 2-year program offers residents an incredible opportunity to learn from our own team of experienced medical physicists, as well as the knowledgeable faculty at our clinics.

Residencies with Versant Physics

Today’s route to becoming a Board-Certified Medical Physicist is through the successful completion of a Medical Physics degree, or its equivalent, from a CAMPEP-approved university program, which is then followed by the successful completion of a CAMPEP-approved Medical Physics Residency Program. Versant Medical Physics made the decision to support our Residency Program in an effort to “do our part” in making sure graduating medical physics colleagues have more opportunities to become board-certified.

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