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Here you’ll find the latest updates on Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety.


Kalamazoo, MI (September 2019) Misty Liverett came to Versant Physics in 2018 after over a decade in the healthcare field as a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Her work in health physics, medical physics, and nuclear medicine technology is bridging the gap between radiation safety and patient care. #TeamVersant


Kalamazoo, MI (August 2019) We love the work we do and are proud to be champions of radiation safety. Versant Physics’ experienced medical internal dosimetry professionals, health physicists, and medical physicists provide a variety of specialties, including shielding calculations and design, diagnostic machine checks, vendor x-ray registrations, and full program audits. Our goal is to apply our depth of knowledge and experience to promote safety and meet our client’s needs.

But what exactly is a medical physicist, and what do they do? Watch the video above to find out, courtesy of American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Medical Physics 3.0. #aapm

For more information about our outstanding regulatory team and the services they provide, visit our Regulatory page or contact V.P. of Regulatory & Training Services Sandy Konerth at

Ben Ramsay to present odyssey abstract at 64th hps annual meeting

Kalamazoo, MI (June 2019) During the 64th HPS Annual Meeting, VP of Technology & Applications Ben Ramsay will present an abstract titled “Odyssey: A Web-Based Modern Management System for Radiation Safety Programs.”

Click here to read the full abstract.

For more information about Odyssey software or to schedule a live demonstration, submit an inquiry here. You can also stop by Booth #307 during the HPS Annual Meeting to learn more and participate in interactive demos of the software.

Sandy Konerth & Tom Morgan to Present at 64th HPS annual meeting

Kalamazoo, MI (June 2019) The HPS 64th Annual Meeting & Exhibition is less than 2 weeks away and we are excited to have several team members presenting abstracts and leading sessions during the meeting.

Tom Morgan, Versant’s Senior Health Physicist, will be presenting his abstract The Radiation Safety Officer as an Advocate for Patient Safety. The abstract, which was accepted for publication in the Health Physics Journal, discusses how the medical RSO can work towards developing a patient safety culture through a combination of self-education, faculty and staff education, collaboration with management, training and surveys and inspections.

On Saturday, June 6th at 8:00 AM our VP of Regulatory & Training Services, Sandy Konerth, will be leading an AAHP course with Jeffrey Brunette and Christopher Martel titled So You Want to Be a Medical Radiation Safety Officer? The primary focus of the course will be examining the radiation safety and regulatory hurdle involved in the different modalities including Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy, Fluoroscopy Guided Interventions, Emerging Technologies, and changes to the Regulatory Landscape. On Tuesday, July 9th, you can also catch Sandy presenting an abstract on behalf of Artemis Shielding titled New Era of Medical Radiation Shielding: Environmentally Friendly Lead-Free Alternate for the Attenuation of X- and Gamma Rays, as well as an abstract on behalf of Actinium Pharmaceuticals titled 131I-Iomab-B Blood Sample Handling and Occupational Radiation Extremity Exposures.

In between sessions, visit booth #307 to say hello and connect with Sandy and Tom.


Dr. Darrell Fisher & Sandy Konerth ATTENDING THE SNMMI Annual Meeting

Anahiem, CA (June 2019) Dr. Darrell Fisher, Nuclear Medical Physicist and our Vice President of Training & Regulatory Services, Sandy Konerth will be representing Versant Physics at the SNMMI Annual Meeting in Anahiem from June 22-25.

Beginning June 23rd, Dr. Fisher will be presenting on “Rationale for Personalized Dosimetry in Systemic Radionuclide Therapy: Achieving Optimal Therapeutic Ratios” from 5:15pm-5:40pm. Directly following his presentation, Dr. Fisher will be presenting Professor Sören Mattsson of Sweden with the Loevinger-Berman Award. This award is given in recognition of excellence pertaining to the field of internal dosimetry as it relates to nuclear medicine through research, significant publication contributions, or advancement of the understanding of internal dosimetry in relationship to risk and therapeutic efficacy.

Finally, Dr. Fisher will wrap up the meeting as a participant in a debate on June 25th titled: “The Linear No-threshold (LNT) Dose-response Hypothesis is a Valid model for Estimating Future Cancer Risk.” His team will argue that LNT is not valid for estimating future risk from medically administered radionuclides.

Both Sandy and Dr. Fisher are looking forward to connecting with new and familiar faces at the meeting.

Single Stream Dosimetry - now $129!

Kalamazoo, MI (June 2019) Single Stream Dosimetry has been reduced from $235 annually to $129 annually. For $129 you will receive 1 digital Instadose+ dosimeter with on-demand reading capabilities, 1 Instalink USB, access to DoseNav software so you can view your dose information at any time, and unlimited technical support from our knowledgeable staff. Need more than one? No worries! You can purchase up to 4 for $129 each.

But who is this single dosimeter for? Single Stream Dosimetry is designed for individual wearers and small-scale dosimetry programs operated through veterinary and dentist offices. Taking steps to track exposure and pursue lower dose thresholds is important, particularly if you administer x-rays or work with radiation producing machines on a regular basis.

Single Stream Dosimetry is an all-in-one tool that makes monitoring personal dose data simple.  No more sending in your dosimeter for off-site processing, no more waiting for your readings to arrive in your mailbox. With Single Stream Dosimetry, the tools you need to digitally monitor badge readings are at your fingertips. REGISTER HERE.

hps 64th Annual meeting

Kalamazoo, MI (May 2019) Mark your calendars for the Health Physics Society’s 64th Annual Meeting! Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety will be exhibiting our Radiation Safety Software Odyssey as well as our Personnel Dosimetry Badge Management and Regulatory & Audit Services from July 7-11 at Booth #307. Two of our team members, Vice President of Technology & Applications Ben Ramsay and Senior Health Physicist Tom Morgan, will be presenting abstracts during the meeting. More details to come!

now available! Inventory Tracking Module Simulation

Kalamazoo, MI (May 2019) A free, five-minute simulation of Odyssey’s Inventory Tracking module is now available to view! Learn how the module’s new monitoring techniques can assist in complying with existing license and permits and increase overall radiation safety for your program.

Click the button above to view the simulation. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Odyssey’s functionality, contact a member of our sales team at You can also click here to learn more.

Odyssey distributor announcement

Kalamazoo, MI (May 2019) Versant Medical Physics and Radiation Safety is excited to announce Salus Medical Products as an official distributor for Odyssey.

Odyssey is a cloud-based software solution designed to efficiently manage and support radiation safety programs.  It features a variety of modules including Personnel Dosimetry, Inventory and Machine Management, Instrument tracking and calibration, Scheduling and overall Radiation Management, while its digital platform allows for the reduction of cost and misplaced records.

Salus Medical is a women-owned small business entity that operates as a national specialty medical distributor supporting imaging departments in hospitals and clinics. Their focus is to provide clients with the best medical equipment possible, along with quality training and maintenance services. They are supported by a nationwide field service team which provides installation, warranty support, preventative maintenance, repairs, and 24/7 support. READ MORE.

Jaclyn Carroll Presents: "TG-218 and its implementation into the clinic"

Kissimmee, FL (April 2019) Our Medical Physics Resident Jaclyn Carroll delivered a fantastic presentation during a four-speaker session titled “Present and Future of IMRT QA” at the 2019 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting in Florida. Her presentation, titled “TG-218 and Its Implementation into the Clinic,” summarized the AAPM TG-218 report published in March 2018, which provided the current status and recommendations for performing patient-specific IMRT and VMAT QA. This new process is unfamiliar to many physicists and therefore its recommendations have not yet been implemented in clinics. The intent of Jaclyn’s presentation was to describe the primary recommendations the report makes as well as share the clinical experience had by her team implementing those recommendations at the Anne Arundel Medical Center.

This was Jaclyn’s second presentation as a medical physics resident with Versant Medical Physics and Radiation Safety’s CAMPEP-accredited Residency Program.

Personnel Dosimetry Module Simulation

Kalamazoo, MI (April 2019) A free, 5-minute simulation highlighting the Personnel Dosimetry module of Odyssey is now available! Click the video above to learn more about the module’s customizable dashboard and its ability to support dosimetry data from both Mirion and Landauer badges, as well as features like the User-Watch List widget and ALARA electronic reporting tools.

To learn more about Odyssey software’s functionality or to schedule a live demonstration, click here to contact a member of our team.

2019 HPS Mid-year meeting

San Diego, CA (February 2019) – Versant Physics’ team has arrived at the 52nd Mid-year HPS Meeting! Stop by booth #109 to say hello and learn more about our Personnel Dosimetry services and comprehensive Odyssey software.


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Permit Profile

Each permit has a dedicated profile of information that includes authorized personnel, radioactive material, machines, and devices. Permit conditions, completed audits, and forms are also found on this profile.

Authorized Condition Database

Create and view authorized conditions included on permits. Previously created authorized conditions are listed with their code, category, and description.

Permit Enforcement

Information specified on a permit not only serves as a record of that permit, but also controls what can be added to other modules. The location, owner and type of radioactive materials, machines, and equipment can be enforced by permits.

Permit Audits

Perform permit audits, mail the results to relevant personnel, and track responses to non-compliances.