Our commissioning services provide rapid Linac data measurement and planning system commissioning by experienced physicists.

quality, efficiency, accuracy

Commissioning Services

We provide rapid Linac data measurement and planning system commissioning by experienced physicists. We acquire the data efficiently by using two teams of two physicists working in 10-hour shifts per day. Proprietary software Odyssey allows for quality checks on the data as it is acquired. End to end tests are done at the end of the commissioning process to assure accuracy of the final result.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide efficient turnaround times without compromising data quality and accuracy. Clinics can experience savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars by having their new Linacs enter clinical service sooner than would be otherwise possible.

We offer a variety of services, including: Linear Accelerators, Radiation Treatment Planning Systems, Specialty Commissioning, such as Portal Dosimetry & Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

benefits of using versant physics

Medical Physicists who specialize in commissioning work

Depth of experience and timeliness of services

Quality of work paired with cost efficiency

Minimize clinical downtime when upgrading Linacs

Modern, top-of-the-line scanning equipment

Experience with all Linacs & treatment planning systems sold on the market

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Permit Profile

Each permit has a dedicated profile of information that includes authorized personnel, radioactive material, machines, and devices. Permit conditions, completed audits, and forms are also found on this profile.

Authorized Condition Database

Create and view authorized conditions included on permits. Previously created authorized conditions are listed with their code, category, and description.

Permit Enforcement

Information specified on a permit not only serves as a record of that permit, but also controls what can be added to other modules. The location, owner and type of radioactive materials, machines, and equipment can be enforced by permits.

Permit Audits

Perform permit audits, mail the results to relevant personnel, and track responses to non-compliances.