Virtual Department of Transportation (DOT) Training

Designed for technologists, the virtual Department of Transportation (DOT) training combines the safety training for the shipment of radioactive materials with the convenience and flexibility of online classes. Now with access to instructors. Approved by ASRT for 0.75 Category A Continuing Education Credits.

Course Description

Our online Department of Transportation (DOT) training for technologists is designed to focus on general awareness and familiarization training, function specific training concerning the preparation for shipment and movement of radioactive materials, general safety training, and security awareness training. The course will review the regulations regarding the shipment of radioactive materials and is primarily designed for technologists or anyone who is involved with the shipping and receiving of similar quantities RAM as found in nuclear medicine departments.

Approved by ASRT for 0.75 Category A Continuing Education Credits.

How it Works

1. Participants complete all of the chapter lectures associated with each module. Each module must be successfully completed before the subsequent module will be made available.

2. Then, participants complete the chapter quiz at the end of each chapter. 80% or higher on each chapter quiz must be achieved for successful completion.

3. Complete the course evaluation at the end of the last module in order to receive your continuing education credits.

4. A digital certificate will be awarded upon completion of the course.

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Permit Profile

Each permit has a dedicated profile of information that includes authorized personnel, radioactive material, machines, and devices. Permit conditions, completed audits, and forms are also found on this profile.

Authorized Condition Database

Create and view authorized conditions included on permits. Previously created authorized conditions are listed with their code, category, and description.

Permit Enforcement

Information specified on a permit not only serves as a record of that permit, but also controls what can be added to other modules. The location, owner and type of radioactive materials, machines, and equipment can be enforced by permits.

Permit Audits

Perform permit audits, mail the results to relevant personnel, and track responses to non-compliances.