New & Improved Features Added to Odyssey

New & Improved Features Added to Odyssey

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KALAMAZOO, MI (November 2018) – Versant Physics is proud to release some exciting new features to Odyssey, our Radiation Safety Program Management Suite, at the 2018 RSNA Annual Meeting beginning November 26th in Chicago, Illinois.

New Features

The ALARA threshold system in Odyssey’s personnel dosimetry module has been completely revamped with new dynamic ALARA thresholds and an improved reporting workflow. Users can now choose to receive alerts when wearers surpass a threshold and easily follow up on high dose accumulations. With the click of a button, customizable reports can be sent to wearers who can respond online. The system now tracks each step of the report progress, meaning the RSO will receive immediate updates when the responses are reviewed and completed, making the review portion simple and quick.

In addition to ALARA thresholds, an individual user watch list has been added to Odyssey’s personnel dosimetry module which allows close monitoring of high-interest wearers and generates an alert if they receive a non-zero dose. We’ve also reworked how an organization’s sites can be structured in Access. Sites are now nestable, which allows for greater and more natural organization of your data, along with cleaner interfaces that are helpful when managing large programs.

Coming Soon

Several features will be released in the near-future, including:

              • Trackable, custom recipient batch e-mailing
              • Form Builder conversion to PDF format
              • Assignable tasks for Access users to make task completion easier to follow and more productive
              • Single-stream badge program wearer accounts for personal data review in Odyssey


Stop by Booth #3178 at RSNA to learn more about these exciting features and how they can work for your Radiation Safety Program.

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